Spring is a Time for Growth, Both Inside and Out

Spring is a Time for Growth, Both Inside and Out

As a local, small business, with a tiny team behind the scenes, it can be hard to find enough time to devote to development, but at the GoodPlanet Company, it's important to us to put our best face forward and offer the most accessible resources for our customers. Which is why May is bringing a lot of exciting new features and changes to the Good Planet.. starting with our beautiful new website!

You may have already noticed the different look of our website. Now with more features, we are continually trying to make things easier for you, our customers! You'll notice a vastly improved search function with pictures to help guide you, as well as a new system of categories to help you navigate your way to all your favourite eco-friendly products. The new layout not only looks great but lets us give you more information about products! 

But, we're not done yet!

Through the coming weeks and months, we will be adding even more features. A wishlist function that you can share with others, to make sure you get just the right gift you were hoping for! 

We'll also be adding a resource section where we will consolidate all of the information we gather for our customers. Things like how to store your veggies for their longest life; where is the right place to take odd or unique items for recycling; what local environmental events are happening in our area, as well as globally; how to reduce your footprint while travelling and more will be making their way to our resources section! 

We never want to stop growing with you and the changes you're seeing won't just be on our website! Keep your eyes on us for more big changes coming so soon! For now, take a look around the new site and if you find something that interests you, use this code to take an extra 20% off your online purchase!

If you have thoughts, comment, or questions about the changes or the exciting things happening at The GoodPlanet Company, reach out to us here, or in store! We love connecting with this wonderful community both online and in person!