Today is World Ocean's Day!

Today is World Ocean's Day!

Living on an island, we get to see first hand the footprint we make and the ways that can affect the natural inhabitants of the water that surrounds us! At The Good Planet, we are committed to reducing that footprint as much as we can, and we’re are lucky to be surrounded by other organizations that feel the same way we do.

Surfrider has been a community leader in ocean cleanup for over 25 years, in over 15 countries around the world. In December, the Victoria chamber partnered with local restaurants in Tofino to begin remove plastic straws from the city.  Because monthly beach cleanups can only address so much of the problem, Surfrider is already working on additional campaigns to ban plastic bags, and limit the littering of cigarette butts.

Because this planet is so important to us, we strive to carry as many eco-friendly options as possible here in our store. If you are a fan of straw sipping, stop by the store and take a look at our selection of reusable glass and stainless steel straws.

Grab them in a pack with a cleaner, or try one of these adorable handmade glass straws from Vancouver! They each have a different animal or design and they’re made from a sturdy borosilicate glass.

If you’re looking to reduce plastic leaving your house, we also have a huge selection to help you out.

From reusable produce bags:


to reusable snack and sandwich bags:


Bamboo utensils you can throw in your purse:

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It’s never been easier to limit your plastic footprint, and at The Good Planet Company, we’re here to help!