Planet Boxes are now in store!

Planet Boxes are now in store!

We are thrilled to announce that we now carry the much anticipated PlanetBoxes!

These stainless steel lunch boxes are a handy addition to any lunch packing routine. With multiple interior components, it’s easy to put together a healthy and balanced lunch for your children, or yourself! Each box comes with a dipper for messier additions, like yogurt or thicker sauces. They fit perfectly inside the interior compartments to ensure a good seal on the dipper.

There are so many options on the market these days for waste free lunches, and making the investment in your health (as well as the planet’s health) will easily come back to you over time. Planet Boxes are made with all the safest materials and high quality, rust resistant stainless steel that comes with a 5 year warranty! The well-researched setup and configurations of each model make buying food in bulk and putting together your lunch much faster, and cheaper overall.

Shuttle Box Rover Box
Currently, we carry the Shuttle model, which comes with one tall dipper, and the Rover model, which comes with both a little dipper and a big dipper. But we want to hear from you!  Love the boxes but looking for something bigger? Ask us about the Launch Box model! Want to personalize your Planet Box? There are dozens of magnet options for the tops of each compartment, as well as design your own options, and white erase magnets that you can personalize on a daily basis. Stop by the store or leave us a comment telling us what else you’d like to see!

Happy lunching!