Making Global Environmentalism Local

Making Global Environmentalism Local

With so many great events happening in Victoria, from Car Free YYJ to Canada Day festivities, from Jazz Fest to Pride Week, it’s easy to forget how many things are going on outside our local sphere!

We are so excited to see the rainbows lining our streets and people thoroughly enjoying the wonderful weather we’ve been having, but we also want everyone to be aware that summer is the worst time of year for litter. Today is the last day of National Clean Beaches Week, a Senate recognized national holiday in the US! During this week, the Clean Beaches Council works to raise awareness about littering throughout the summer and also get people out of their homes and onto to enjoy them and help keep them clean. This is a great week to pay attention to our Canadian shores as well! 

One of our wonderful staff members, the vibrant Maria C.,  is also about to take off on an exciting adventure to Peru to work on making the country more sustainably focused. Maria will be working with EQWIP and Global Affairs Canada to teach locals in Peru about sustainability as well as beginning some initiatives aimed at reducing plastic and disposable consumption. These groups work not only to address environmental issues, but gender inequalities, making space for underprivileged women and men to take part in improving their communities, both locally and globally. For more information about the work these organizations are doing, head over to their websites and see what you can do to take part in keeping our planet clean, and full of opportunity for those people who want to devote their time to global improvement.

We are going to miss Maria a lot, but we are so proud of her for taking on such a worthy goal, and working to spread environmental consciousness around the globe!

At the Good Planet, we hope to bump into you around town enjoying all the great events Victoria has to offer, and we hope you’ll be keeping an eye on the size of the footprint you’re leaving behind! With your help, and the help of forward thinking organizations, we can make a difference in the amount of pollution that happens in the summer, and keep our beaches and oceans clean for a long time to come.