Essential Oils For Surviving Winter

Winter seems to be hitting us harder than usual here in Victoria. It's much easier to survive when you have aromatherapy in your toolbox!

Here are a few of our favourite essential oils to beat the chill.

Bandits Oil

Our take on the popular 'Thieves' blend. Clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lemon & rosemary combine to create a blend to support the body's natural defense system. Perfect for cold season! The unique blend of essential oils is said to be originally used by thieves who pillaged graves during the bubonic plague, it allegedly protected them against the plague that had killed off their targets. If it can protect grave robbers from contracting the plague, then maybe it can help you avoid your co-worker's cold!

Breathe Better

Our popular Breathe Better wellness blend really comes into its own at this time of year. Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Thyme combine to create the perfect cold remedy. These oils are anti-microbial so they can be preventative but their star power is in how well they relieve a stuffy nose. There are a few ways to use this effectively. It works wonderfully in a diffuser, but no fancy equipment is necessary to reap the benefits. Pop a few drops on a handkerchief and hold under the nose when you need to breathe a little easier. A few drops in a carrier oil like grapeseed or jojoba can be rubbed on the chest before bed. Or for some really deep relief, try some steam inhalation. Add a few drops of Breathe Better to a bowl of warm, steaming water. Close your eyes and lower your face over the bowl with a towel draped over the back of your head and covering the edges of the bowl to trap the steam. Inhale deeply for several minutes and breathe easy.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a great all-rounder, and I always recommend it as a starter oil for people. There are so many ways tea tree oil can help you through the winter. For those of us that live in damp homes, this oil is a life saver, it can help kill mold. Adding some to your diffuser goes a long way to cleansing the air in your home and killing any mold that's lurking. You can also mix it with water and/or vinegar to make a mold busting spray. Tea tree oil is also great for treating cold sores, which can really hit sufferers hard at this time of year. It's also great for counteracting foot odor - so pop some drops in a foot bath after a long day of your poor feet being cooped up in boots.


Peppermint oil is another great starter oil thanks to its many uses! It's especially handy in winter thanks to its expectorant properties, it may offer relief from coughs, colds, sinusitis and even bronchitis. Inhaling peppermint oil by diffusing it or in a facial steam bath (see above) can not only unclog your sinuses but it can offer relief to scratchy throats too.