Change One Thing

Change One Thing

When you start to dip your toe into the world of green living, it can be so overwhelming that you might want to bury your head right back in the sand. But I have great news, you only have to change ONE thing to make a difference, even better: you get to choose which thing you change.

Find yourself buying bottled water? Get a reusable water bottle! Even if we're recycling plastic water bottles, we're still using energy and resources to do so. But the bottled water industry has other problems too (see here). Purchasing a water bottle is generally one of the first & easiest things people do, remembering to always carry it with you can take a little more work (or am I the only forgetful one?). S'well seems to have really cornered the market here, with stainless steel bottles that can keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours, they not only work great but they look amazing - we always have a range of styles in stock!

Addicted to grabbing a hot drink on your way to work? Unfortunately those disposable cups often end up in landfill even when you drop it in the recycling bin with good intentions (see here). Most coffee shops will give you a discount on your drink when you bring your own travel mug! A simple switch to make, and sometimes a style statement. Our favourite right now are the Joco travels mugs, they come in a range of colours so handsome that they fly off the shelves here.

Can't get enough of those sweet iced summer drinks from your favorite coffee shop? Get a reusable straw, over the whole summer this could save 10s or even 100s of plastic straws (per person) ending up on our beaches, in our oceans and who knows where else. Glass, stainless steel and even bamboo are great options.

Can't live without your weekly takeout pad thai? (just me again?) This one is a little more outside of the box, but since those takeout containers are often difficult to recycle, it's worth considering! Take a reusable container to the restaurant and refuse their disposable packaging. Our stainless steel containers are perfect for this.

The key to starting is figuring out what single-use items you use most frequently, and replacing them with reusables.