Twelve Years in the Making

Welcome to our updated website - it's been twelve years in the making, and we're very proud of it!  

This is our fourth generation website... our first (2003) was not e-commerce enabled, our second (2005) had a disastrous meltdown, our third (2008) was getting a little tired and jumbled, so welcome to number four!  We think we have it right this time!  

The NEW has all the latest bells and whistles, including: 

  • real time inventory - what you see on the site is available in-store, or is readily available to order
  • mobile friendly - browse on your tablet or smartphone 
  • super secure - the same level of security used by banks
  • ease of use - designed for ease of use, and ease of checkout. 

And, we hope you will agree, it looks pretty good too!  
If you have any questions, or any suggestions about how we might improve things even further, either in-store or on-line, please let us know.  
In the meantime, have a look around, and we look forward to hearing from you!