Basket Bonanza


Over the past twelve years, Good Planet has carried literally thousands of products. Some are stocked for just a few months, others for a few years. A select few have been perennial favourites since day one.  One of these products is our beautiful Bolga baskets, imported directly from our friends at The
Baba Tree Company in Bolgatanga, northern Ghana.

Good Planet staff know that when our Baba Tree shipment arrives, I am the only one allowed to open it up!  I relish taking each of these completely unique baskets from their container, appreciating the many hours of skill and creativity invested into each one, and then meditatively soaking and re-shaping each one into the perfect form, originally created those 12,000 kilometres away!

Our supplier, The Baba Tree Company is the ONLY transparent company in the Bolga region. Company founder Gregory lives and works in the Baba Tree compound and holds regular workshops to help the weavers choose the best colours and weaving practices. He buys directly from the weavers, and pays the highest price of any organization in the Bolga region.

This is DIRECT FAIR TRADE at it's best, and we are very proud to carry the most beautiful, best made, and most legitimately sourced baskets of ANY on the market.  We have various sized round Bolga baskets and a great selection of the Nyariga style, pictured to the left.

You can read about the basket industry of northern Ghana in this groundbreaking report. We encourage you to drop by Good Planet to check out our most recent and most beautiful batch of baskets yet!  

- Ian