Is All That Glitters Gold?

It is no secret that The Good Planet Company was founded with the intention to be green and clean both in practice and in value. As leaders in the environmental retail sector, we have always been proud of our efforts to minimize our negative impact on the environment with our purchasing criteria, and in-store procedures.

They say that all that glitters is gold, but when it comes to the Vancouver Island Green Business Certification, Green trumps all.  




The VIGBC describes their program below:

"The Vancouver Island Green Business Certification was built to recognize the efforts of local businesses that are reducing their environmental impact.  For businesses, it is a guide to greening your operations and educating your staff.  For consumers, it is a symbol that lets you know which businesses have green practices.  Together, we can lead by example and protect our natural environment while promoting our local economy.

The VI Green Business Certification was developed based on researching and studying international best practices from established programs in Portland, Maryland, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Durham, and Fort Collins. Based on the results of this research Green Certification standards were adapted based on the existing programs and services that are locally available to the business community. The certification standards were also guided by industry experts, academics, local governments and members of the business community."

There are three levels to the certification program; Silver, Gold, and Green.  Last year, The Good Planet Company achieved Gold level status.  After some efforts to make improvements in our retail space, we were able to easily break through the barrier and achieve Green status for 2015!

We are very proud of reaching the highest level tier, and it has even been rumoured that we have the of the highest scores for a retailer in our region! 

The staff here at The Good Planet are committed to maintaining this high standard, but we could not do what we do without the support of our friends, families, and customers.  So, a BIG thank you to everyone who supports us in our endeavors.