Today is the day to say NO to straws! February 03, 2018 11:54

In the war against single-use plastic, straws account for 12,000,000 pounds of annual waste, and February 3rd is one day of the year we can all help to reduce that number! Surfrider wants to make today International Straw Free Day, and we are so happy to participate. 

Here are some ways you can participate too: 

  • If you go out today, order your drinks without a straw
  • Ask if they have reusable straws or other options at restaurants
  • Let restaurants know about Tofino and how one restaurant started a chain reaction that led to most restaurants in Tofino rejecting single-use plastic straws! 
  • Carry your own reusable straws with you. You can find them in stainless steel, glass, or even bamboo! 

We are surrounded by coasts and the impact of single-use plastics is not only a far away thing! Places like Midway Island (one of the most famous and shocking contemporary examples of the impact of plastic waste) are places we might not think of often because they're so far away from our daily life, but the proof is around us all the time. It doesn't take long on one of our beautiful beaches to find some kind of man-made waste! Consider starting from the beginning. Help eliminate single-use plastic straws before they end up polluting our beaches and our planet!

Take a Bag, Leave a Bag January 08, 2018 11:00

With another city council vote for the Victoria Bag Ban just around the corner, and our successful ChicoBag reusable bag drive not too far behind us, The Good Planet Company wants to make it even easier for our customers to get in the reusable bag habit. We have a small supply of reusable bags that we will happily lend to customers who have forgotten their own! They can be brought back the next time you're in the area, or on your next visit.

And don't forget! Environmentally, keeping a huge back stock of reusable bags under your sink can have similar effects as the giant pile of plastic bags they were supposed to replace! Reusable bags have to be used weekly, for two years to fulfill their purpose and reduce plastic pollution. If you have a growing collection that isn't being used to its potential, we will always happily take extra reusable bags to redistribute to communities in need, or to recycle if they are too well-loved to be repurposed!

Don't YOU Ever Get Tired Of Carrying Groceries? November 05, 2017 09:30

Everyone knows reusable bags are good for the planet. On average, each household using single use plastic bags sends over 500 bags to the landfill EVERY YEAR! Reusable bags help put a huge dent in that number, but even they have a shelf life. It takes approximately two years of weekly use for reusable bags to really live up to their environmental intentions and consume fewer resources than single use plastic bags, but you could have yours for longer than that if you commit to taking care of  them properly!

But, what happens when your reusable bags are starting to fall apart? Replacing 500 plastic bags each year takes a toll and when your reusable bags are worn out, no environmentalist wants to see even that sent off to the landfill! 

The GoodPlanet Company wants to help divert as much waste from our landfills as possible. If you have worn out reusable bags or even if you just started a collection of them under the sink, and want that space back, bring them to us and let us send them on to yet another useful purpose! The GoodPlanet is collecting as many well loved reusable bags as possible to send off to ChicoBags, a company whose products we are proud to carry!

Through their Pay It Forward Program, they collect any reusable bags that are looking a little worn and redistribute any that are still functional to low-income families or communities in need that want to replace single use plastic bags. The ones that are too well-loved to continue to be of use will be shredded and repurposed into rugs, art and other useful products by local artisans and non-profit organizations that ChicoBag donates to.

Between November 1st and 15th, when you bring in your well-loved reusable bags to The GoodPlanet, you will receive a discount for each bag you bring in, up to a total of 10% off your purchase!* If you are just starting a reusable bag habit, stop by the store during this time and receive 10% off ChicoBag products, including reusable produce and shopping bags.

The GoodPlanet Company will, however, continue to collect worn out, or excess reusable bags year round! So don't forget about us the next time you find a trail of groceries behind you from that pesky hole in your reusable shopping bag. 

*Discount applicable the same day you bring your bags into the store. Some exclusions apply. Cannot be combined with any other offers. If you have more than 10 bags to donate, please feel free to bring as many as you'd like!*

Fort Street Bike Lane Construction October 16, 2017 09:00

If you've been out on Fort Street recently, you've surely noticed the beginnings of construction have started on the Fort Street bike lanes. Our city is becoming more environmentally minded everyday, and we are so excited to be right in the middle of some of these improvements to our city. 

This construction is part of a plan to connect the city through an AAA (All Ages and Abilities) Bike Lane Network covering 24 km. The network is meant to make space for those people who might like to bike but are concerned about the safety of existing bike lanes, and help address the needs of people who use alternative methods of transportation, without ignoring changing traffic patterns and the continued need for accessible parking.

Phase 1, including the Fort Street portion will be completed in 2018. Here are a few links for more info on the project, some Fort Street facts, and a look at the future plans for the city as well. We're proud to be a part of a community that is not only constantly working towards environmental goals, but thinking about accessibility for our whole community while the work happens! 

While the construction will be spaced out over the next few months, the city is working to ensure your holiday shopping won't suffer too much interruption, and that you can still access all your favourite Fort Street businesses! 


  You also might have noticed some new, shiny, green bikes making their way around downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods. Downtown Victoria has become the first North American location for U-Bicycle, a bike sharing company that allows users to pay $1 per 30 minutes to rent a bike, and reduce their carbon footprint! They've only been on the streets since the end of September but the convenient app, and ability to leave the self-locking bikes anywhere bikes can be legally locked up, make them environmentally friendly and convenient. Each one even has a helmet attached, in case you forgot your own or feel like a spontaneous ride!

Hopefully Victoria only continues to make exploring our city easier and more accessible for all! And don't forget, construction or not, the GoodPlanet Company is always available online, if you just can't make it by to say "Hi!"

The GoodPlanet's Annual Fall Organic Bedding Sale! October 02, 2017 12:38

It's that time of year! The GoodPlanet Company is having our fall bedding sale. In store, and online, (with a few exemptions) our great selection of natural and organic bedding is 20% off! If there's something you've had your eye on, now is your chance. We have all our usual favourites in stock!

We've got USA made Organic Cotton bedding in a variety of finishes, Organic Cotton Sheet sets, as well as our always popular, and staff favourite Bamboo sheet sets

But we also have some new products we're thrilled to carry, including some beautiful new linen options! 

Don't forget that Winter is on the horizon! Will your comforter or duvet get you through? If you're not sure, we can help you find the right one from our selection of duvets

Even our pillows are on sale! Each design and size from standard to king is $10 off! We can help you make the process of finding the right pillow easier, and help to save you a little money! 

We all think about spring cleaning, but who doesn't spend a little longer in bed on those chilly Winter mornings? Let The GoodPlanet help make your bedroom cozy, clean, and natural for the upcoming season!



Alleged Local Art Theft September 01, 2017 16:24

Amidst claims that Susan Heron of Blue Heron Art has allegedly stolen some of the images on her products, several local artists have come together to share some warnings that this local artist may be using others work as the basis for what are labeled as "original digital paintings." The backs of her cards, which we have pulled from our shelves, clearly state these are "Original digital painting(s) by Suzanne Heron, Victoria BC." Although she does claim in a recent Facebook post that it is her practice to give artists credit if they are "the basis her for art," we have not yet been able to find any instances of credit given that addresses where these images may have been taken from on the products themselves, or on the listings on her website.

In the process for signing up for the Sooke Fine Art Show, which her work has been also been pulled from, applicants are asked to be sure they "understand the requirements for original, non-derivative artwork" which would likely include digitally painting on top of someone else's image and labeling it as original without credit. 

“I made an assumption that permission was permission,” Heron said in this article by Times Colonist. As an artist, claiming ignorance after being reminded that laws vary and need to be confirmed frequently is neither logical nor convincing. 

Her Facebook page does say she is working to address these issues, but publicly, Susan Heron has not been particularly forthcoming about which images may have been sourced or stolen, who from, or how long this may have been her practice. We never want to hope for the worst, but until things are openly addressed from both sides, and a thoughtful and fair solution can be found, we cannot in good conscience stock work from someone who claims original work but has been derivative. We, too, rely on the integrity of the artists we work with, and as some of us are artists ourselves, we understand the work that must go in to ethical production. It is our responsibility as individual artists to insure we are interacting with other people's work in ethical ways. The Good Planet Company has very high ethical standards that we are always working on improving, and we apply those standards both globally and locally. 

A Misleading Glitch - The GoodPlanet Company Is Not Currently Hiring August 30, 2017 18:12

Some of our wonderful customers informed us that they saw a job posting from The GoodPlanet Company on today. While we absolutely love adding new excited faces to our team, we are not currently hiring for an Administration Manager!

We are checking out the glitch and looking for the source of the posting, but if you see it or any other active postings from The GoodPlanet company, please nab a screenshot and send it to us at! 

Become a Lunch Box Legend! August 17, 2017 10:00

September is just around the corner! Are you ready to eat healthy with the coolest lunchboxes around? The GoodPlanet has you covered. We have waste free lunch options for everyone! We didn't really need to be convinced, but if you're looking for more reasons to try waste-free lunching, the Recycling Council of Ontario estimates you can save almost $350/year per person when you prep and pack waste free lunches!

Looking for something self-contained and leakproof? Check out the YumBoxes:

The top of the container has a fitted silicone layer that keeps each compartment sealed! Particularly handy for portion control, some of the designs even have a guide printed on the bottom of the box. And when it's time to clean up, the insert can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher. The boxes come with a sturdy clip lock that’s easily opened by little hands, but comes in sizes that could work for adults as well!

Or take a look at our selection of Go Green Lunch boxes:

A nice, deep, lunch box for those with bigger appetites, the Go Green boxes can be bought as a set with an insulated carry case, a water bottle and an ice pack. However, each piece can also be bought individually, so you don't need to buy a whole new kit if one piece disappears! Each compartment seals independently to prevent spills and leakage, but they are easy to open and sturdy to carry!

The highly acclaimed PlanetBox is another bento style lunch box we are thrilled to have in stock!

They come in three different sizes, and can be combined with some fantastic accessories, including an insulated case or a stainless steel fork and spoon set. The stainless steel lunch box is super durable and customizable with a large assortment of magnets to choose from, to make your lunch box really yours! Each box comes with at least one leak proof dipper, and you can buy additional ones separately, or try the pods for dry food separation. 

Bento style lunch kits are fantastic for kids. They give so much variety, and help cut down packing time, and the number of containers that might get lost throughout the school day. But don't overlook these boxes for adult lunches as well! If you're an adult feeling nostalgic for those good ol' school lunches, why not pack yourself an Adult Lunchable in your bento lunch box? 


All inclusive Lunch Kits are a super handy addition to any lunch packing routine, but if you're only looking for a few small pieces to add to your waste free lunch supplies, we still have what you're looking for! Click on the pictures below to see more options from each variety.

Great Lunch Bags



Leak Proof Containers





We want to help make lunches fun, healthy, and fast! Our ever expanding collection will give you all the tools you need to make your lunches easy on the eyes, easy on the prep time, easy on the environment, AND easy on the wallet! 

Plastic Pollution July 27, 2017 11:00

Did you know that in the last decade we have created more plastic that we did in the entire 20th century?! We never stop thinking about plastic and how to eliminate it at The Good Planet! At least half the plastic that is manufactured today is intended for single use, but is manufactured from a chemically laden product that’s essentially designed to last forever! Recycling plastic usually only allows for one more use before it must be discarded and sent to a landfill. Even bio-degradable plastic is not as eco-friendly as we assume! 

Plastic Free July is coming to an end and it feels great to look back and see how much plastic waste we have kept out of the landfills. It also feels great knowing that the less plastic you use, the less will end up in the largest landfill on earth: The Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch. While the name might be misleading, the impact is real. Current estimates figure that plastic in the ocean will outnumber fish by 2050

One fun way to get involved is to download the Litterati App. This app goes right on your phone and gets you to help track plastic litter around the globe! By inputting and tracking not only -where- you find litter, but the brands of the litter you're finding, they can worth with the greatest litter offenders to find more sustainable solutions and curb the amount of waste being thrown on to the earth. And you get to see exactly how much of a difference you've made by inputting each piece of litter you take off the ground and put into it's proper receptacle!

As always, if you're looking for more local ways to get involved, check out SurfRider Victoria for events you can take part in or other ways you can help, or stop by the store to grab some tools to help cut back your plastic consumption. It's easier than you think to help make a difference, especially when we all choose to refuse!

Making Global Environmentalism Local July 07, 2017 12:21

With so many great events happening in Victoria, from Car Free YYJ to Canada Day festivities, from Jazz Fest to Pride Week, it’s easy to forget how many things are going on outside our local sphere!

We are so excited to see the rainbows lining our streets and people thoroughly enjoying the wonderful weather we’ve been having, but we also want everyone to be aware that summer is the worst time of year for litter. Today is the last day of National Clean Beaches Week, a Senate recognized national holiday in the US! During this week, the Clean Beaches Council works to raise awareness about littering throughout the summer and also get people out of their homes and onto to enjoy them and help keep them clean. This is a great week to pay attention to our Canadian shores as well! 

One of our wonderful staff members, the vibrant Maria C.,  is also about to take off on an exciting adventure to Peru to work on making the country more sustainably focused. Maria will be working with EQWIP and Global Affairs Canada to teach locals in Peru about sustainability as well as beginning some initiatives aimed at reducing plastic and disposable consumption. These groups work not only to address environmental issues, but gender inequalities, making space for underprivileged women and men to take part in improving their communities, both locally and globally. For more information about the work these organizations are doing, head over to their websites and see what you can do to take part in keeping our planet clean, and full of opportunity for those people who want to devote their time to global improvement.

We are going to miss Maria a lot, but we are so proud of her for taking on such a worthy goal, and working to spread environmental consciousness around the globe!

At the Good Planet, we hope to bump into you around town enjoying all the great events Victoria has to offer, and we hope you’ll be keeping an eye on the size of the footprint you’re leaving behind! With your help, and the help of forward thinking organizations, we can make a difference in the amount of pollution that happens in the summer, and keep our beaches and oceans clean for a long time to come.

Today is World Ocean's Day! June 08, 2017 10:54

Living on an island, we get to see first hand the footprint we make and the ways that can affect the natural inhabitants of the water that surrounds us! At The Good Planet, we are committed to reducing that footprint as much as we can, and we’re are lucky to be surrounded by other organizations that feel the same way we do.

Surfrider has been a community leader in ocean cleanup for over 25 years, in over 15 countries around the world. In December, the Victoria chamber partnered with local restaurants in Tofino to begin remove plastic straws from the city.  Because monthly beach cleanups can only address so much of the problem, Surfrider is already working on additional campaigns to ban plastic bags, and limit the littering of cigarette butts.

Because this planet is so important to us, we strive to carry as many eco-friendly options as possible here in our store. If you are a fan of straw sipping, stop by the store and take a look at our selection of reusable glass and stainless steel straws.

Grab them in a pack with a cleaner, or try one of these adorable handmade glass straws from Vancouver! They each have a different animal or design and they’re made from a sturdy borosilicate glass.

If you’re looking to reduce plastic leaving your house, we also have a huge selection to help you out.

From reusable produce bags:


to reusable snack and sandwich bags:


Bamboo utensils you can throw in your purse:

or a compostable bamboo toothbrush: 


It’s never been easier to limit your plastic footprint, and at The Good Planet Company, we’re here to help!

Bike to Work Week YYJ May 26, 2017 11:19

Bike to Work Week 2017 is fast approaching (May 29 - June 4) - are you ready?  We at the Good Planet are excited to have partnered with Recyclistas, a local bike repair shop, to help promote this wonderful event!

We want to see YOU and your wonderful set of wheels this week.  Post a picture of you and your bike on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #biketoworkyyj and tag us for a chance to win a $100 gift card! Details are below:

How to Enter:

1. Post a photo of you and your bike on your social media profile (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter)
2. Ensure that the post is public
3. Include the hashtag #biketoworkyyj
4. Tag The Good Planet Company in the photo
5. Pedal, pedal, pedal!

The winner will be selected by a random draw from all eligible entries on June 5th.

Official Rules: One winner will be chosen at random. No purchase necessary, open to Canadian residents (excluding Quebec). The Good Planet Company is not responsible for entries fouled by technical difficulties, for example entries that are e-mailed and not received, entries that are not visible to The Good Planet Company due to privacy settings.Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. Prize has no cash value.

Best of luck, and thank you for making a positive difference in reducing your carbon footprint!

Planet Boxes are now in store! May 20, 2017 14:16

We are thrilled to announce that we now carry the much anticipated PlanetBoxes!

These stainless steel lunch boxes are a handy addition to any lunch packing routine. With multiple interior components, it’s easy to put together a healthy and balanced lunch for your children, or yourself! Each box comes with a dipper for messier additions, like yogurt or thicker sauces. They fit perfectly inside the interior compartments to ensure a good seal on the dipper.

There are so many options on the market these days for waste free lunches, and making the investment in your health (as well as the planet’s health) will easily come back to you over time. Planet Boxes are made with all the safest materials and high quality, rust resistant stainless steel that comes with a 5 year warranty! The well-researched setup and configurations of each model make buying food in bulk and putting together your lunch much faster, and cheaper overall.

Shuttle Box Rover Box
Currently, we carry the Shuttle model, which comes with one tall dipper, and the Rover model, which comes with both a little dipper and a big dipper. But we want to hear from you!  Love the boxes but looking for something bigger? Ask us about the Launch Box model! Want to personalize your Planet Box? There are dozens of magnet options for the tops of each compartment, as well as design your own options, and white erase magnets that you can personalize on a daily basis. Stop by the store or leave us a comment telling us what else you’d like to see!

Happy lunching!

Mother’s Day - May 12, 2017 May 12, 2017 12:07

Mother’s Day is sneaking up again and The Good Planet has a variety of gifts to help you give Mom something perfect! Whether you want to pamper Mom, or give her something more practical, but still stylish, we’ve got what you need!


Moms are always working and deserve to feel pampered and appreciated for the hard work they put in! If you couldn’t quite get Mom away on a vacation, try one of our aromatherapy Destination Blends. With 5 different scents, inspired by locations around the globe, you can bring the beach to Mom, right at home! These scents can be added to a diffuser or purchased as a variety of products from The Good Planet’s body care line, such as massage oil, body lotion, foaming and castile soaps, room sprays and more!

We also carry a variety of wonderful eco-friendly bath accessories, perfect for encouraging Mom to focus a little of her time on herself.

Dry brushing helps to increase blood flow and energy, as well as exfoliating the body and stimulating the lymphatic system, a major player in immune response.

Mitts and booties from Urban Spa will help mom get the most out of applying lotion before bed, helping to prevent lotion transfer as well as retain moisture.

We have a couple of lavender eye masks and pillows that are great for helping mom block out the light and get some much needed relaxation!


If you’re more into practical gift giving, why not find a gift that does double duty? These lunch bags are handy and stylish, and we’ve got plenty of different prints, patterns and designs to choose from.

These Fluf bags are not only eye catching but they are functional, washable, and easy to carry.

These lunch bags from Built are insulating and come with a zipper, to keep all the goodies inside your bag!

Farmer’s Market season is upon us. Encourage your mom to get out and look great at the markets with one of these handcrafted Baba Tree baskets.

Does your mom love coffee but hate waste? Check out these beautiful and colorful Keep Cups! There is enough plastic in 20 disposable cups to make a new Keep Cup, so these cups cut back an incalculable amount of plastic in their lifetime!

Somewhere in the middle between pampering and practical? Here’s a few suggestions to help you find a happy medium:

This half moon shape meditation cushion from Half Moon can do double duty for new moms! A great shape for opening the hips and making space to tuck feet back into the body, this cushion has also been used by some of our customers turned around against the stomach and used to support both mom and baby during breastfeeding. They come in a variety of colors and patterns as well!

A good bathrobe can make every shower feel a little bit more like a spa. Our organic cotton bathrobes come in different styles and colors to help you find the right one for Mom!

Beeswax candles are another great gift for people who like candles but are sensitive to smells and perfumes or the chemicals that occasionally can be found in candles. They come in a variety of beautiful designs and have a simple, natural beeswax smell. They are also great for people who have pets (especially birds!) because they burn clean enough for tiny, sensitive animal lungs!

Sri Lankan Organic Latex Production (part two) May 05, 2017 11:37

There are hundreds of acres of trees on the plantation, and a few hundred meters from the tree nursery, we came upon two rubber tappers going about their craft. Tapping a rubber tree is a very exact practice, and they had already been at work since before dawn.

Every three days a thin shaving of bark is removed from the tree, on an exact 30-degree angle, from exactly one-half of the tree’s circumference. The white latex sap oozes from the tree and drips slowly into a carefully positioned bowl. By the end of the day, a cup will contain up to 500ml of sap, which is collected for processing.

Each of the workers carefully taps 300 trees during a shift, producing 150 liters of raw sap, comprised of 10% latex and 90% water. Therefore, a worker will produce 15 liters of actual latex per shift, to be collected and processed into rubber products, including some very fabulous Obasan mattresses. It takes several days of hard and precise work to gather enough latex for just one mattress! 

We were invited to visit the factory the rubber factory a few days later, to see how the raw latex sap is converted to mattresses, but first, we had some other things to see!

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with a huge number of sights to see. Two items on top of our list were to see the tea plantations and some wild elephants, and we got to do both, plus a whole lot more.

Tea Plantation

On our final day before leaving Sri Lanka, we were invited to the factory, located near Colombo, to see the sap we had seen dripping from the trees a few days earlier be converted into the resilient natural rubber mattress cores that we have sold all these years at Good Planet. 

It's a big operation, but thanks to great foresight by the founders, it's a completely self-contained operation, powered by efficient furnaces and solar power. The liquid rubber sap from the plantation is heated in molds in long ovens. That's all there is to it! No petrochemical additives, nothing toxic to soak into our sleeping bodies, just 100% natural tree sap, solidified and shipped across the world to our customers here on Vancouver Island. 

A big thank you to all of the fine people we met in Sri Lanka, at the plantation and the factory, for helping make our trip so fun, and so educational! 

Sri Lankan Organic Latex Production (part one) January 22, 2017 12:24

Those of our lovely customers who have purchased, slept on, or enquired about our spectacularly comfortable Canadian-made Obasan natural rubber mattresses know how incredibly sustainable they are! Made from 100% certified organic components, they are incredibly durable and long-lasting. The mattress cores are made from natural rubber, sourced from the Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber) tree. 

Last month, Good Planet founders Ian and Alain found themselves in Sri Lanka. A three hour drive from Sri Lanka's capital city, Colombo, brought the boys to the plantation that produces Obasan's certified organic latex rubber. 

The plantation's on-going, successful mission is to create disease-proof trees in a completely sustainable, organic process. ​

Hevea Brasiliensis seeds Rubber plantation, Sri Lanka Plantation nursery saplings

The first step in the process is to produce a superior tree, and to do this, bud grafting is used. Once the seeds germinate, and are grown to a certain size, the saplings have buds from offshoots of the "mother trees" grafted onto them. 

Grafting is a skilled job, and the workers employed for this function are paid exceptionally well. Secure jobs, good working conditions, childcare and other employment benefits are hallmarks of the plantation the boys toured.

One of the workers demonstrated how the delicate grafting process works - Ian got to do one, a little clumsily according to the reaction of the worker - and the newly grafted bud becomes the basis of a new, high-producing, disease resistant tree. 

Hevea saplings Bud grafting King Coconut 

Following the grafting and nurturing part of the tour, the boys moved on to the mature trees, and the delicate art of tapping the latex. But not before taking some liquid refreshment from a fresh king coconut.  

(Part two to follow) 



Essential Oils For Surviving Winter January 11, 2017 08:00

Winter seems to be hitting us harder than usual here in Victoria. It's much easier to survive when you have aromatherapy in your toolbox!

Here are a few of our favourite essential oils to beat the chill.

Bandits Oil

Our take on the popular 'Thieves' blend. Clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lemon & rosemary combine to create a blend to support the body's natural defense system. Perfect for cold season! The unique blend of essential oils is said to be originally used by thieves who pillaged graves during the bubonic plague, it allegedly protected them against the plague that had killed off their targets. If it can protect grave robbers from contracting the plague, then maybe it can help you avoid your co-worker's cold!

Breathe Better

Our popular Breathe Better wellness blend really comes into its own at this time of year. Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Thyme combine to create the perfect cold remedy. These oils are anti-microbial so they can be preventative but their star power is in how well they relieve a stuffy nose. There are a few ways to use this effectively. It works wonderfully in a diffuser, but no fancy equipment is necessary to reap the benefits. Pop a few drops on a handkerchief and hold under the nose when you need to breathe a little easier. A few drops in a carrier oil like grapeseed or jojoba can be rubbed on the chest before bed. Or for some really deep relief, try some steam inhalation. Add a few drops of Breathe Better to a bowl of warm, steaming water. Close your eyes and lower your face over the bowl with a towel draped over the back of your head and covering the edges of the bowl to trap the steam. Inhale deeply for several minutes and breathe easy.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a great all-rounder, and I always recommend it as a starter oil for people. There are so many ways tea tree oil can help you through the winter. For those of us that live in damp homes, this oil is a life saver, it can help kill mold. Adding some to your diffuser goes a long way to cleansing the air in your home and killing any mold that's lurking. You can also mix it with water and/or vinegar to make a mold busting spray. Tea tree oil is also great for treating cold sores, which can really hit sufferers hard at this time of year. It's also great for counteracting foot odor - so pop some drops in a foot bath after a long day of your poor feet being cooped up in boots.


Peppermint oil is another great starter oil thanks to its many uses! It's especially handy in winter thanks to its expectorant properties, it may offer relief from coughs, colds, sinusitis and even bronchitis. Inhaling peppermint oil by diffusing it or in a facial steam bath (see above) can not only unclog your sinuses but it can offer relief to scratchy throats too.

Let's Talk Meditation November 07, 2016 10:00

Having a selection of beautiful zafus and zabutons in stock has led to some interesting conversations with our customers about meditation, the benefits are staggering and the anecdotes we hear are so compelling. So we thought we'd compile a little list of the benefits of meditation.


A 2014 study showed that a mindful meditation practice alleviates psychological stress (even brief practices for as little as three consecutive days displayed stress alleviation.


Neuroscientists found that meditation practitioners had structural changes in the part of the brain involved in monitoring focus and self control after just 11 combined hours of meditation.


Research shows that meditation promotes divergent thinking, a style of thought that brings diverse elements together to generate new ideas.


Meditation is associated with greater relationship satisfaction and better communication during a conflict.

Mindfulness also helps you feel more comfortable with yourself and boosts your compassion towards others, making it easier for you to accept people as they are and, potentially, for them to get along with you too.

(information in this post is from a favourite meditation app: Headspace)


Shredded Rubber Pillow Giveaway October 12, 2016 11:45


This giveaway is now closed, thank you to everyone that entered. Congratulations to @wildriversapothecary on Instagram who won the pillow.

Our bestselling organic pillow is about to become your favourite pillow, for free!

In honour of our huge organic bedding sale, and as a thank you to our customers, we are giving away a free organic shredded rubber pillow.

Soft, malleable and feeling more like down or feather (without the dust mites) our shredded rubber pillow is the most versatile organic pillow. Made from shredded natural rubber, it can be shaped to fit your neck. The organic cotton cover is fully machine washable. The shredded rubber pillow is also a healthy and environmental alternative to petrochemical memory foam products. Made in Ottawa and loved by many.

Here’s how to enter:

There are four ways to enter, entrants can choose to enter in multiple ways to gain up to a maximum of four entries. Winner must arrange for pick-up from our Fort Street store.

  1. Subscribe to the Good Planet newsletter
  2. Follow us on Twitter and post about the giveaway, be sure to tag us (@thegoodplanetco) so we can count your entry.
  3. Follow us on Facebook & share our giveaway post on your wall
  4. Follow us on Instagram & repost our giveaway post

If any of your social media accounts are set to private, please email a screenshot of your qualifying entry to in order to have it counted.

The Good Planet Company is opening this contest to Canadian residents (unfortunately, excluding Quebec). The winner will be chosen at random after contest closing on October 22nd 2016. We will update this blog post with the winner on Monday, October 24th (and announce on our social media platforms) so be sure to check back to see if you won! If we do not hear from the winner within one week, a new winner will be chosen at random. The prize is a Sleeptek Shredded Rubber Pillow (Standard Size) and has no cash value, it may not be exchanged.

Official Rules: One winner will be chosen at random. No purchase necessary, open to Canadian residents (excluding Quebec). The Good Planet Company is not responsible for entries fouled by technical difficulties, for example entries that are e-mailed and not received, entries that are not visible to The Good Planet Company due to privacy settings. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. Prize has no cash value.

Introducing Ecologik October 10, 2016 10:30

We're so excited to introduce Ecologik from our friends at The Soap Exchange.

Ecologik was built on three pillars:

Super Concentrated: With no fillers added, these products are powerful and efficient. Their efficiency saves consumers time & money and saves recycling resources, since every bottle lasts longer.

Full Disclosure: Ecologik believes in openness and honesty. They have limited ingredient impurities to <1%. And (my favourite feature) they list the reason for each ingredient's presence in every products, so you know exactly what is in there and why. Everything they produce is free of phthalates, dyes and SLS/SLES. Ecologik products contain no animal ingredients and those that are scented are done so using essential oils.

Making Canada Proud: This is something we can totally get behind. Proudly manufactured in Saskatchewan and committed to creating new opportunities by working with local partners and other Canadian companies.

The best thing about Ecologik, though, is how well it works. Most of the staff have already switched over to at least one Ecologik product, some of us have switched many. I'd like to shine a spotlight on a few of my favourite products from the line:

 Athletic Deodorizer

Utilizing the power of enzymes and 75 trillion cleansing microbes to fight organic residues, this stuff has saved my family from stinky gym bag hell. It doesn't just mask the smell, it actually metabolizes the source of odours.

x10 Kitchen Cleaner

This heavy-duty degreaser is available in both unscented and White Flower Clementine (my favourite scent from the whole line). You can buy the kitchen cleaner ready to go, or you can buy the x10 pack, including an empty spray bottle and super concentrated cleaner - following the directions on the packaging you can get 10 full bottles of highly effective kitchen cleaner from one pack.

X20 Laundry Liquid

Suitable for high efficiency and standard washers, this incredibly concentrated laundry liquid is devoid of fillers and works for any water temperature. I have witnessed its superior stain fighting properties myself. Available in scented and unscented (the Wild Grass scent is pretty great).


Fall Into Comfort September 26, 2016 13:00

Summer is slipping away, the air is cooling down and a lot of us will soon be entering our yearly hibernation mode. The weather here on the West Coast is pleasant even in the depths of 'winter', but that doesn't stop us from seeking warmth and comfort. 

Now is a great time to switch up your bedding, and for some of you, even your bed. We are proud retailers of Obasan organic mattresses and we're happy to tell you that their current promo is a winner. With the purchase of any Acadia model you will receive a free Banff 2.0 Fall Comforter, filled with organic wool and covered in organic cotton sateen, it's the perfect companion for a new mattress.


Composting In Your Kitchen? May 18, 2016 10:30

Here in Victoria, we're lucky to be able to send our food scraps for composting by the city. But what if you want to grow something yourself? Composting is the original recycling after all! Your food scraps get broken down into something to help you grow even more food. Traditionally thought of as something for people with lots of space, many of us shy away from composting ourselves. However, with bokashi composting, it's easier and takes up less space than ever before, even us apartment dwellers can get in on the action.

What is bokashi?

Bokashi is a Japanese term meaning 'fermented organic matter’. 

How does it work?

Bokashi composting starts with the bokashi bran, a mixture of dried carbon material (usually rice or wheat bran) and sugar infused with bacterial cultures, it is fermented and then dried for long term use.

When you add bokashi bran to a bokashi bin with your food scraps, the bokashi bran gets to work fermenting the food scraps. The good bacteria breaks the food scraps down into a 'pre-compost' which can then be buried, added to the compost pile or your potting containers. After two more weeks it is assimilated into the soil and ready for planting.

Why should I compost with bokashi?

The benefits of bokashi composting are many.


The bokashi bin we sell as part of the bokashi starter kit is small enough to use in even the teeniest apartment.


On a day to day basis, all that's required is adding food scraps to the bin, sprinkling on some bokashi bran and leaving it alone.


It takes just 4 to 6 weeks to go from food scraps to nutrient-rich and microbe saturated compost.


Bokashi composting has a pickle and yeast type scent, no foul rotting odors.


Traditional composting attracts flies, mice, rats, raccoons and bears, these pests are not attracted to the scent of bokashi compost.

Plant growth:

The good bacteria in bokashi composting creates a microbe and nutrient-rich compost that provides an excellent foundation for building productive soil structures. We've had customers report enormous growth increases in plant growth when switching to bokashi compost.

How do I do it?

Easy! The bokashi starter kit comes with everything you need, including instructions.


Job Posting: Weekends at Good Planet! May 17, 2016 15:30

Part time (16+ hrs/wk) sales and service

Do you love the idea of working for a company dedicated to offering natural, organic, earth-friendly products and services to the great people of Victoria?

Would you like to work as a valued member of a small, enthusiastic and friendly group of caring, like-minded individuals, working together to ensure the viability and success of a great little company?

The Good Planet Company may be what you are looking for! We have an opening for a part time team member, specifically for weekend work, usually Friday,Saturday and Sunday. Your most important qualifications for this job will be a proven record of excellent customer service and communication skills, confidence, flexibility, and attitude as a conscientious self-starter!

Roles & responsibilities
- Engagement with customers, demonstrating your passion for environmental products
- Collaborate on and help to maintain the store’s visuals and displays
- Cashier responsibilities including accurate processing of sales transactions
- Maintain pricing accuracy on shelves and in computerized POS system
- Perform housekeeping duties as required and/or assigned

Qualifications & requirements:
- You excel at customer service with experience in retail sales
- You are passionate about environmentally sustainable products and business practices
- You have the ability to work retail hours including weekends and holidays when required.
- You are a motivated, energetic and conscientious self-starter
- You are a good communicator, able to relate well to people of all ages & backgrounds
- You are in excellent health, can lift or maneuver large boxes, and to stand for up to eight hours.

Responsibilities include:
- Assisting customers with all product enquiries and in the selection of goods
- Fulfillment of phone and website orders
- Cleaning and maintenance of sales floor and storage areas
- Collaborating on and aiding with creative merchandising of in-store and window displays
- 100% on-time opening and closing of store
- Other retail tasks as required

We provide:
- A competitive rate of pay with regular reviews and pay increases.
- A generous staff discount on all goods and services.
- A paid, 30-minute lunch break on all shifts over 6 hours
- Flexible vacation scheduling
- A fun, collaborative working environment.

$12/hour to start, reviews and increases at 1, 3, and 12 months.

To apply: We require a cover letter stating your reasons and qualifications for applying for this position, together with your resume.
This application package should be addressed to Brittany Gamble, Good Planet’s store manager, and delivered in person at 764 Fort Street in Victoria, between the hours and 10am and 6pm, Monday through Friday.
Selected applicants will be invited for an interview, at which time the applicant will be asked questions pertaining to fair trade, organics, retail business basics, past retail experience and other questions to help us gain an insight into your personality and suitability for this position.

Please be aware that only selected applicants will be contacted for an interview.

Natural Sunblock May 11, 2016 10:30

Sunblock, we need it, but some products can do more harm than good. Most of the sunblocks and sunscreens we can buy at the pharmacy give us a false sense of security, while they do indeed protect from sunburn they don't necessarily protect from skin cancer. The FDA stated in 2007 that it is "not aware of data demonstrating that sunscreen use alone helps prevent skin cancer”. That's not all, chemical sunscreens are thought to actually accelerate skin cancer (rates of skin cancer have gone UP with rates of sunscreen development and use) or contain endocrine disrupting ingredients.

Our sun block of choice is made right here on Vancouver Island, Healing Bliss Botanicals Skin Bliss Sunblock is 100% natural, child-safe, vegan, biodegradable, the list goes on. It's also set in an organic face & body lotion base, so it moisturizes while it protects. We just restocked our favourite sunblock, so come on in to our Fort Street store to snag some. We have SPF 30 & 45 in stock, but it's flying off the shelves so pop in soon.

Change One Thing April 13, 2016 10:00

When you start to dip your toe into the world of green living, it can be so overwhelming that you might want to bury your head right back in the sand. But I have great news, you only have to change ONE thing to make a difference, even better: you get to choose which thing you change.

Find yourself buying bottled water? Get a reusable water bottle! Even if we're recycling plastic water bottles, we're still using energy and resources to do so. But the bottled water industry has other problems too (see here). Purchasing a water bottle is generally one of the first & easiest things people do, remembering to always carry it with you can take a little more work (or am I the only forgetful one?). S'well seems to have really cornered the market here, with stainless steel bottles that can keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours, they not only work great but they look amazing - we always have a range of styles in stock!

Addicted to grabbing a hot drink on your way to work? Unfortunately those disposable cups often end up in landfill even when you drop it in the recycling bin with good intentions (see here). Most coffee shops will give you a discount on your drink when you bring your own travel mug! A simple switch to make, and sometimes a style statement. Our favourite right now are the Joco travels mugs, they come in a range of colours so handsome that they fly off the shelves here.

Can't get enough of those sweet iced summer drinks from your favorite coffee shop? Get a reusable straw, over the whole summer this could save 10s or even 100s of plastic straws (per person) ending up on our beaches, in our oceans and who knows where else. Glass, stainless steel and even bamboo are great options.

Can't live without your weekly takeout pad thai? (just me again?) This one is a little more outside of the box, but since those takeout containers are often difficult to recycle, it's worth considering! Take a reusable container to the restaurant and refuse their disposable packaging. Our stainless steel containers are perfect for this.

The key to starting is figuring out what single-use items you use most frequently, and replacing them with reusables. 


Organic Bedding For All April 06, 2016 10:30

When you consider that we spend one third of our life in bed, what we sleep on starts to become more of a concern. Even if you burn the candle at both ends and chase all kinds of deadlines, chances are you're spending 35+ hours in bed each week. We all know about the importance of organic when it comes to food, but the things we surround ourselves with (& sleep) are just as important.

'Organic' can seem like the buzzword du jour, or a cause only for the rich. Here at Good Planet we strive to make 'good' accessible. Which is why we're very excited to offer a new line of organic cotton sheet sets in our healthy bedding section.


These sheet sets have a 500 thread count and are certified organic. They're also incredibly cost effective. Just $119 for a queen set and $129 for the king. Each set includes 2 x pillow cases, 1 x flat sheet, 1 x fitted sheet. These beautiful sheet sets are a great first step to a healthy bedroom.


Do You Diffuse? March 30, 2016 10:00

We love essential oils here at The Good Planet, we use them in our soaps, scrubs, shampoos and more. But we also love to diffuse them!

The benefits of diffusing essential oils run far beyond deodorizing your home. 


Essential oils can lift the spirit and calm the mind. Lavender is probably the most well known relaxing oil, but chamomile, bergamot, frankincense, jasmine, neroli, rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang can all help us to achieve a state of relaxation.

Immunity Boosting

During cold & flu season, essential oils can add an extra layer of defense against illnesses. Cinnamon, eucalyptus, frankincense and oregano can all help boost immunity.

Air Cleansing

When the air in our homes starts to feel a little stale, diffusing certain essential oils can help to purify. Lemon, peppermint, rosemary, sage and tea tree all have air cleansing benefits.

Sleep Aid

Here at The Good Planet we know the importance of quality sleep, when sleep eludes you it can effect every aspect of your daily life. You probably already know that lavender is a commonly used and very effective sleep aid, but there's more! Roman chamomile, ylang ylang, bergamot and sandalwood can help those chasing elusive sleep.

Cold & Flu Relief

Essential oils can help us breathe easier when we're struggling due to cold, flu or allergies. Pick up our exclusive "Breathe Better" blend or try eucalyptus, lemon, rosemary or peppermint.

We carry a range of diffusers and essential oils. Our exclusive destination blends diffuse beautifully and our 100% pure essential oils can help ease a number of ills.






Huge discounts on Obasan rubber mattress demonstration models! February 05, 2016 15:42


Have you tried out our wonderful Obasan and Sleeptek mattresses in-store?  You’ll know how amazingly comfortable, adjustable and durable they are, and that they are made in Canada of 100% certified organic cotton, rubber and wool components!

Once or twice a year, we replace our in-store demo models to ensure that everything stays fresh and new for our customers. We do this while they are still in top condition. These demo models are sold off at a discount, and can be considered “new’ except for an occasional scuff mark. They have all been lightly tested in-store, but none have been slept on, none are “returns” or have used in any location other than right here in the store.

These products are sold “as-is” although there is an option to further customize the rubber cores on each side of the Acadia mattresses for optimal comfort at nominal cost.  All items can be  picked up in-store (very easy to disassemble, transport and reassemble) or can be delivered and set up in your home for a $100 charge.

Please note; we require a ten day timespan between the purchase of a demo mattress and the day that you can take it home. This allows us to replace it with a new in-store demo model. Thank you for your understanding.

This is the list of demo models being sold off, effective February 5th, 2016 at 4pm. One model of each available. All prices below are subject to sales taxes. Payment in full by cash, debit or credit at time of purchase.  Financing available. 

Model Name


Reg Price


Acadia 2 (8” depth)

Queen, mattress only, 41% off



Acadia 4 (12” depth)

Queen, mattress only, 41% off



Euro 1 (8” depth)

Queen, mattress only, 41% off



Harmony (10” depth)
(NEW, in-box, 25% off)

Queen, mattress only, 25% off



Euro Wood Foundation

Queen, no legs, fits all of above, 50% off
(requires wood or metal bed frame)



Wool 3” Topper
(NEW, in-bag, 33% off)

Twin. 33% off



For more information, and to try out the actual mattresses listed above, please call us or drop by the store at your convenience.  But be quick, our demo sell-offs never last long!

Warm Woolies, Ahoy! October 28, 2015 14:44

Here at the Good Planet, colder weather is almost (hey, we said almost) looked forward to because that means that it is time to bring out the warm woolies! We are always excited about this because it is such a treat to see what we get.  Each pair is unique, and the colours are always so vibrant and inspiring.

Our warm woolies are all hand dyed, hand spun, and made with love. A women's co-op in Kathmandu, Nepal makes each item by hand, ensuring that you get the best quality product available.  They are fairly traded (almost direct!), so you can rest assured that your purchase is helping overseas women and their families have much improved lives.

So, swing by the Planet and take a peek at the selection.  We have socks, mittens, gloves, hats, and slippers for all shapes and sizes! Grab a pair for yourself, or maybe a pair or two for friends and family! You won't regret it - we promise!

#WarmWoolies a-plenty! #colourful #cozy #fairtrade #shoplocal #shopyyj #fabulousfort #fall #autumn #mitts #gloves #hats

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Fall Bedding Sale - Fall Into Flannel! October 19, 2015 17:34

Our annual Fall Bedding Sale is in full swing. Now is your chance to scoop up some sweet deals on cozy flannels, luxurious sateens, thermal duvets, and so much more!

Flannel is classic. Nothing says "Autumn is here!" quite like the crunch of leaves under your boot, and the desire to curl up under the blankets and sip hot cocoa. Is your bed prepared for the cool nights ahead?

Why Flannel?

1. It's cozy!

Our organic cotton flannels are softer, and thicker than other types of sheets. The breathable cotton is brushed on both sides, making it feel cozier against our skin. Because of this, flannels are better at keeping our body heat closer to us, leaving us comfortable, despite the weather outside.

2. They're affordable and economical!

Who knew that sheets could help you save money? Not only will getting into bed feel like a treat, but organic cotton flannel sheets retain heat better – and longer – than other cotton weaves. This means that you can turn your heater down, and stay just as cozy. If you get up in the middle of the night, you can return to a still-warm bed, helping you to quicky fall asleep again.

3. They are easy to care for, and are long-lasting!

Organic cotton is durable, breathable, and gets softer with each wash. We recommend a cold water wash with a mild soap, and tumble dry low, or hanging your sheets to dry. This ensures that they will last you for years and years to come.

We have been carrying flannel bedding from glo (Green Living Organics) for years. But, we also now carry flannel bedding from Gainsborough by Kouchini. Check out some of our selection below, and don't forget to input the discount code FALL2015 for 15% off at checkout!

Would you like to work at Good Planet? July 07, 2015 17:52


Do you love the idea of working for a company dedicated to offering natural, organic, earth-friendly products and services to the great people of Victoria?

Would you like to work as a valued member of a small, enthusiastic and friendly group of caring, like-minded individuals, working together to ensure the viability and success of a great little company?

The Good Planet Company may be what you are looking for! We have an opening for a part time team member involving hours ranging from 20 to 28 hours per week.

Your most important qualifications for this job will be a proven record of excellent customer service and communication skills, confidence, flexibility, and attitude as a conscientious self-starter!

Roles & responsibilities
Engagement with customers, demonstrating your passion for environmental products
Collaborate on and help to maintain the store’s visuals and displays
Count, order, receive and merchandise inventory
Cashier responsibilities including accurate processing of sales transactions
Maintain pricing accuracy on shelves and in computerized POS system
Perform housekeeping duties as required and/or assigned

Qualifications & requirements:
You excel at customer service with experience in retail sales
You are passionate about environmentally sustainable products and business practices
You have the ability to work retail hours including weekends and holidays when required.
You are a motivated, energetic and conscientious self-starter
You are a good communicator, able to relate well to people of all ages & backgrounds
You are in excellent health, can lift or maneuver large boxes, and to stand for up to eight hours.

Responsibilities include:
Assisting customers with all product enquiries and in the selection of goods
Fulfillment of phone and website orders
Cleaning and maintenance of sales floor and storage areas
Collaborating on and aiding with creative merchandising of in-store and window displays
100% on-time opening and closing of store
Other retail tasks as required

We provide:
A competitive rate of pay with regular reviews and pay increases.
A generous staff discount on all goods and services.
A paid, 30-minute lunch break on all shifts over 6 hours
Flexible vacation scheduling
A fun, collaborative working environment.

To apply: We require a cover letter stating your reasons and qualifications for applying for this position, together with your resume.
This application package should be addressed to Brittany Gamble, Good Planet’s store manager, and delivered in person at 764 Fort Street in Victoria, between the hours and 10am and 6pm, Monday through Friday.
Please note, e-mailed or postal mailed applications will not be accepted.
Selected applicants will be invited for an interview, at which time the applicant will be asked questions pertaining to fair trade, organics, retail business basics, past retail experience and other questions to help us gain an insight into your personality and suitability for this position.
Please be aware that only selected applicants will be contacted for an interview.

Choosing A Pillow: A Brief Guide June 04, 2015 17:55

Pillows are a very personal thing, and choosing a new one can be a daunting task.  With so many options, it can be overwhelming. The Good Planet is here to help relieve that pressure, by giving you only the best options and giving you the information you need to be confident.  All of our pillows are certified organic, hypoallergenic, and made in Canada!

There are four key things to consider when you are looking for a new pillow:

  • Sleeping position
  • Body size and shape
  • Pillow material(s)
  • Personal preference

Let's start with sleeping position. Many people suffer through tossing and turning throughout the night, but your ideal pillow is going to be one that best supports you in your predominant sleeping position. Ultimately, the position that you fall asleep in should be the most important one that you consider. You want to make sure that the pillow you choose has enough support for your neck, without compromising the rest of your body.

Body shape and size are the next things to consider. How tall are you? Do you have broad shoulders, or are you more slender? After your neck is suppported, you have to make sure that you are not hunching your shoulders or allowing your spine to misalign. Different body shapes and sizes will find comfort and support with different pillows. It is important to remember that just because a pillow works for you, it does not mean it will work for everyone.

The material(s) of the pillow are another thing to consider. We spend 6 to 8 hours a day with our faces next to our pillows - you want to make sure that your pillow is a healthy one. The Good Planet only carries the best types of pillows - all are organic, hypoallergenic, and made in Canada.

Last, but definitely not least, you will want to take your personal preferences into account. If you don't like it, you won't love it!

Shredded Natural Rubber


The shredded rubber pillow is by far the best seller at the Good Planet.  Natural Dunlop rubber is put through a special chipping machine to give a nice fluffy fill that can be moved around to create divots or pull forward to create a firmer feel.  Naturally antibacterial and dust mite resistant, this pillow is the only one we have that is machine washable.  

Great for all sleeping positions.


Solid Rubber Pillow


Solid rubber pillows are an excellent alternative to memory foam pillows.  Made with the same Dunlop rubber as the shredded natural rubber pillows, they share the same antibacterial and dust mite resistant properties.  

Because of their shape, these pillows are generally recommended for stomach sleepers, or side sleepers with slender shoulders.

Wool Pilllows


The wool pillows we offer are certified organic and certified fair trade.  The wool "pearls" help to retain a fluffy loft. The natural properties of sheep's wool wicks moisture away and breathes, helping your body regulate its own temperature.  

Good for all sleeping positions.

Kapok Pillows

Kapok trees (sometimes called silk cotton trees) produce a fibre that makes excellent pillows.  Its high loft makes it ideal for those with broad shoulders.  This pillow does have a zipper, though, so one can adjust the amount of fill and loft.

This pillow tends to be best for side sleepers, but can be adjusted for other positions and comfort levels.

Buckwheat Pillows


Buckwheat pillows are the firmest pillows that we offer.  The hulls can be moved around within the pillow to create more pronounced divots and mounds, similar to the shredded rubber.  A layer of sheep's wool helps with noise cancellation and also absorbs excess body moisture.

This pillow also has a zipper to adjust the level of fill and loft, but is generally recommended for back or side sleepers.

Please check out our full pillow selection here.

We have all available to try in-store, so drop in, say hello, and let us help you prepare for the best sleep of your life.

Reduce, REUSE May 13, 2015 14:15

Wes Koch, owner of The Soap Exchange VictoriaFrom an environmental standpoint, some of the best things we can do as a consumer is  REDUCE our consumption and REUSE items as much as possible.  These are values that we hold near and dear, and we are proud to partner with other local business that do too.  The Soap Exchange Victoria has been in business in Victoria for 22 years.  They have their main storefront on 1393A Hillside Avenue, and quite a number of satellite refill stations in other businesses around the city. 

The Soap Exchange products are 100% biodegradable and are made in Canada.  Many of them are concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way.  The crowning jewel, however, is their refill system: A nominal deposit is charged on their bottles and buckets (or you can bring your own if you head over to their Hillside Avenue location).  They do this so that customers are encouraged to bring their bottles and containers back to be refilled and reused, ultimately reducing the strain on our waste and recycling systems.  

The Good Planet is a proud exchange partner for The Soap Exchange.  We will swap out bottles and buckets for new ones, and send the old ones back to The Soap Exchange so that they may be cleaned and refilled there before being re-sold.  We carry the basic line of products from The Soap Exchange, but do encourage customers to check out their website - we are always happy to special order items if you are unable to make it to their storefront!

We asked Wes Koch, owner of The Soap Exchange Victoria, some questions about what he does:

On average, how long do the bottles/buckets last a customer?

We still have customers re-using packaging (primarily powder buckets) that they received from us in May 1993.  That is an amazing 22 years or reusing.  I would say the average “life span” of our packaging is more in the neighborhood of 6 – 8 years.

What's your estimate on how many bottles/buckets/plastic is saved per year from the Soap Exchange users? 

Based on the number of transactions we carry out per month and on the fact that most customers re-fill 4 – 6 products per visit, my conservative estimate would be that we divert 4000-5000 ½ Litre and 1 Litre bottles from landfill sites and recycling facilities per month.  In addition to this, I would estimate that we divert 200 – 300 4 Litre bottles and 80 – 100 20L buckets per month from the waste stream as well.  Multiply that times 22 years of being in business and it is astounding to think of the amount of space this would take up.

What is your best selling product? Why? 

Our best-selling product is our laundry powder (Envirowash)(close to 25% of our sales).  Next would be our unscented dish soap (Soft Shine) and unscented liquid laundry soap (Terge).  Closely following would be our all-purpose cleaner (Nature Power) and bathroom cleaner (Red Marvel).  Our personal products such as our Sensibility Hair Shampoo, Conditioner and Hand & Body Lotion have also been gaining in popularity over the past few years.

What is the biggest benefit of Soap Exchange products? 

There are many benefits to using Soap Exchange products.  One of the most important benefits is obviously the re-using of packaging and the positive impact this has on our local environment.  Another benefit is that it a consumer suffers from a sensitivity to fragrances and dyes, we offer many dye-free/scent free products (particularly products that make continual contact with the hands and body such as laundry soap, dish soap, hair shampoo, hand and body soap, etc).  In addition, virtually 95% of our products are Canadian made with many being locally sourced so consumers are supporting ethical Canadian business as well.  Another benefit would be economic.  As most of our (non-personal care) products are concentrates, customers are required to use much less product to get the same or better results of the more well-known eco and non-eco brands.  In turn, customers should realize a cost savings in their average monthly cleaning product purchase expense of 20 – 30 %.

Are there any drawbacks? 

The only drawback I would suggest is that customers have to make a special trip to our store or to any of our retail outlets/distributors scattered throughout Victoria and the surrounding area.  Convenience is a big factor for people and it is much easier and more appealing for people to be able to “one stop shop” at their neighborhood grocery or health food store.  To help mitigate the inconvenience of making a special trip to our main store on Hillside Avenue, we encourage our customers to bring in all of their containers at the same time and we in turn simply “top up” the bottles that are not empty.  This results in customers not having to come to the store every time a bottle is empty.  They can refill everything at the same time, avoiding having to wait to make a special trip when a bottle runs out.

Essential Oils and Winding Down Before Bed May 07, 2015 17:01

On average, we spend about 26 years sleeping, so as you can imagine, sleep is one of the most important parts of our lives. When we don't get a restful sleep, our cognitive skills lessen as does our bodies' ability to heal and rejuvenate.

There can be many reasons why people don’t sleep. It can be stress, worry, a snoring partner, anxiety, ADD/ADHD issues, parenting small children, depression, hormonal changes, menopause, and the daily trials and tribulations of life.

Whatever our individual reason may be, here are a few ideas to help you settle your mind and body so you can have a restful night.

The easiest way to get started is to try one oil for a few days and then another for the next few days, etc. Put a couple of drops on your pillowcase at night (keep away from where your face will be) and breathe in the aroma deeply. Test out the different ones and find what works best for you.

If dropping essential oils on your pillow is not desirable to you, there are several other options. A water diffuser with a timer is an ideal option as are pillow sprays which can be made very easily...

An essential oil pillow spray that would certainly help you drift off to dream land:

Small Spray bottle (at least 250ml and dark in colour would be best to protect your oils)
1 cup distilled water
1 1/2 Tsp witch hazel, plain vodka, or denatured alcohol
12 drops lavender essential oil

Of course if you aren't a lavender fan, there are other great essential oil options to help you get off to la la land:

Lavender - calming, works as an anti depressant, fights headaches
Clary Sage - relieves stress, helps balance hormones, fights insomnia
Bergamot - helps to relieve anxiety & balance emotions
Roman Chamomile - calms your stomach & nerves-especially effective in children
Frankincense - promotes calmness, relaxation & deep breathing for staying healthy.

Any of the essential oils will create a splendid sleep spray to help you at nights! Try some of these together to see what you like best!

A couple of other tips:
  • Yoga, meditation, and bio-feedback, are all good ways to help you overcome the stresses involved in our day-to-day lives so you can calm down enough to sleep.
  • Always 'unplug' for at least an hour before bed as the harsh glow of a computer or phone screen are very stimulating for the brain, so crack a book, relax and settle in for a restful sleep!


Every Day Is Earth Day April 22, 2015 15:26

At The Good Planet, every day is Earth Day.  However, we recognize the importance of taking a day to pause, reflect on our impacts, and choose how to act in the best interests of Mother Nature.  We only have one planet Earth, and we need to do everything that we can to protect it.

Last night, we attended a film screening of Bag It hosted by the Victoria, B.C. chapter of The Surfrider Foundation. While some of the facts presented in the film were familiar to us at the Planet, the way they were presented was refreshing.  The film has a way of reaching out to a variety of audiences, and has a couple of different versions (short and long) to make it even more adaptable to different groups of people.

The film examines the true cost of our "throw away" society, and encourages viewers to change their consuming habits.  Small changes can add up to an extraordinary amount if we all just pitch in and do our part.  If you are stuck on a place to start, or need help making some changes to your habits, let us know - we have lots of ideas, and products that can help you do just that.

We have included below the trailer for Bag It. We hope that you will take a few minutes to check it out, and help us spread the word.  Rise above plastic - be a voice for the earth.

From the Planet staff to you, happy Earth Day. Thank you for helping us be a part of the solution!


Good Planet now offers low interest financing! April 14, 2015 16:07

It's no secret that Good Planet offers the world's finest, most comfortable, durable and adaptable mattresses.  

But we know that it's not always easy to invest in one without first doing some financial planning!  We have listened to our customers, and have partnered with Financeit in order to provide on-the-spot financing at an attractive 12.99% annual interest rate, far less than the rate charged on a typical credit card.  Whether you choose a 12, 24 or 36 month term (even longer on certain purchases) you have the option of paying the loan off in full at any time with no penalties! 

Not looking for a mattress right now, but need to re-vamp your home with a basket of natural, organic, earth-friendly products? We have you covered! A loan from Financeit can be for purchases of as little as $500.  

Need more details? Just drop by the store, call us on the phone or drop us an email, we'll be happy to answer your questions.  Want to pre-authorize a loan before you come in to the store? Click on the blue box below to get started! 

Basket Bonanza April 08, 2015 12:00


Over the past twelve years, Good Planet has carried literally thousands of products. Some are stocked for just a few months, others for a few years. A select few have been perennial favourites since day one.  One of these products is our beautiful Bolga baskets, imported directly from our friends at The
Baba Tree Company in Bolgatanga, northern Ghana.

Good Planet staff know that when our Baba Tree shipment arrives, I am the only one allowed to open it up!  I relish taking each of these completely unique baskets from their container, appreciating the many hours of skill and creativity invested into each one, and then meditatively soaking and re-shaping each one into the perfect form, originally created those 12,000 kilometres away!

Our supplier, The Baba Tree Company is the ONLY transparent company in the Bolga region. Company founder Gregory lives and works in the Baba Tree compound and holds regular workshops to help the weavers choose the best colours and weaving practices. He buys directly from the weavers, and pays the highest price of any organization in the Bolga region.

This is DIRECT FAIR TRADE at it's best, and we are very proud to carry the most beautiful, best made, and most legitimately sourced baskets of ANY on the market.  We have various sized round Bolga baskets and a great selection of the Nyariga style, pictured to the left.

You can read about the basket industry of northern Ghana in this groundbreaking report. We encourage you to drop by Good Planet to check out our most recent and most beautiful batch of baskets yet!  

- Ian 




Bonjour! April 02, 2015 16:43

Sophie the GiraffeWelcome Back, Sophie!

Ever popular, oh-so-natural Sophie products are back in store! After a long journey from France, she's back, and ready to help the little ones in your life with her soothing, yet stimulating features.  
Made in the French Alps with natural rubber and non-toxic food grade paint, Sophie has been safely cuddled and chewed for over 50 years - a history that is hard to beat!  

She's soft, light, and easy to grasp, making her perfect for little hands. Her colouring, scent, sounds, and different textures make Sophie the perfect choice for baby's first sensory and teething toy.

Sophie the Giraffe is so much more than a one trick pony, though.  Her success has allowed her to branch out, and now offers a complete line of 100% natural baby body care.  Made with 98% certified organic ingredients, these products are gentle on baby's sensitive skin, and have no negative impact on our environment.  We are excited to announce that we are now carrying these products, and hope that you will be too!



This Little Light of Mine.. March 28, 2015 12:43

Earth Hour 2015

Today, March 28th, 2015, marks the ninth annual Earth Hour.  From its humble beginnings in Sydney, Australia, this worldwide celebration has grown to include events from over 126 countries and territories!  Have you participated in Earth Hour celebrations before?  Will you partake this year? Gather some friends, wrangle your family, and talk to your co-workers about get an event started in your area!


What does it take to participate? Not much!  The easiest way to celebrate Earth Hour is to simply turn off all non essential lights and unplug your electronic devices.  Find some good company, a couple of candles, and enjoy some time chatting, telling stories, or playing games.  It may feel like one hour of this won't make much of an impact, but the intention of this worldwide event is to remind us that we are all on this planet together. It is up to us to work alongside one another to create more sustainable ways of life for the present and for the future.  If we don't pause to reflect on our impacts now, when will we?

Earth Hour 2015 - March 28th, 2015 from 8:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. local time.
If you need to pick up a few essentials to help get you through, we've got you covered!


  • Beeswax burns cleanly - no nasty carcinogens are released into the air.
  • Beeswax purifies the air as it burns, neutralizing allergens such as dust, pollen, and pet dander.
  • The warm glow from beeswax candle flames best simulates the light of the sun
  • The mild and sweet natural scent is calming.
  • Long burn times - the 3" pillar alone burns for 35-45 hours!








    Workshops + Lotions = Love March 25, 2015 15:15

    It is no secret that The Good Planet Company is known for our all natural, delectably good smelling soaps that are not only good for us, but good for our planet too.  We have been offering beginner and advanced soap making workshops for a number of years, and time after time, participants have been left wanting more, more, more!  Well, you asked, we listened!  The Good Planet Company is pleased to announce an addition to our workshop lineup: Lotion Making for Beginners.  

    In this class, you will learn the basics of how to make your very own all natural, and oh-so-gentle hand and body lotion.  The classes are small, so you will have a chance to chat with other like-minded individuals who are trying their hand at a new skill too.  All materials are included in the cost of the workshop, and at the end of the evening, you will walk away with something you made and the knowledge to take on anything! (Okay, maybe not anything but you will certainly have a clear understanding of the basics!)

    Another exciting announcement is the introduction of a brand new Signature Destination Scent: Capri. Allow your senses to take you to sunny shores, where notes of mandarin, lavender, and chamomile will calm you, soothe you, and leave you feeling relaxed and serene.  Found only at The Good Planet Company! Who knows? Maybe it will be your next favourite!

    For more information about the workshops that we offer, click here.  You can find the available dates and register online! (We love to keep it simple).  Hope to see you soon!

    Is All That Glitters Gold? March 17, 2015 16:22

    It is no secret that The Good Planet Company was founded with the intention to be green and clean both in practice and in value. As leaders in the environmental retail sector, we have always been proud of our efforts to minimize our negative impact on the environment with our purchasing criteria, and in-store procedures.

    They say that all that glitters is gold, but when it comes to the Vancouver Island Green Business Certification, Green trumps all.  




    The VIGBC describes their program below:

    "The Vancouver Island Green Business Certification was built to recognize the efforts of local businesses that are reducing their environmental impact.  For businesses, it is a guide to greening your operations and educating your staff.  For consumers, it is a symbol that lets you know which businesses have green practices.  Together, we can lead by example and protect our natural environment while promoting our local economy.

    The VI Green Business Certification was developed based on researching and studying international best practices from established programs in Portland, Maryland, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Durham, and Fort Collins. Based on the results of this research Green Certification standards were adapted based on the existing programs and services that are locally available to the business community. The certification standards were also guided by industry experts, academics, local governments and members of the business community."

    There are three levels to the certification program; Silver, Gold, and Green.  Last year, The Good Planet Company achieved Gold level status.  After some efforts to make improvements in our retail space, we were able to easily break through the barrier and achieve Green status for 2015!

    We are very proud of reaching the highest level tier, and it has even been rumoured that we have the of the highest scores for a retailer in our region! 

    The staff here at The Good Planet are committed to maintaining this high standard, but we could not do what we do without the support of our friends, families, and customers.  So, a BIG thank you to everyone who supports us in our endeavors.

    Twelve Years in the Making March 12, 2015 17:28

    Welcome to our updated website - it's been twelve years in the making, and we're very proud of it!  

    This is our fourth generation website... our first (2003) was not e-commerce enabled, our second (2005) had a disastrous meltdown, our third (2008) was getting a little tired and jumbled, so welcome to number four!  We think we have it right this time!  

    The NEW has all the latest bells and whistles, including: 

    • real time inventory - what you see on the site is available in-store, or is readily available to order
    • mobile friendly - browse on your tablet or smartphone 
    • super secure - the same level of security used by banks
    • ease of use - designed for ease of use, and ease of checkout. 

    And, we hope you will agree, it looks pretty good too!  
    If you have any questions, or any suggestions about how we might improve things even further, either in-store or on-line, please let us know.  
    In the meantime, have a look around, and we look forward to hearing from you!