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Krystal A.

What a great company. They go above and beyond and are there for so much knowledge as a resource! They are fantastic! They have so much selection and more then what is on their website. Also if you don't see it, they likely can order it for you. Wow great company.

Lucinda L., Victoria, B.C.

Every time I go to the Good Planet, I always receive professional, helpful, and friendly customer service. On top of that, I really like the products they have, especially their baby products!

Mark M.

What a great store! I wandered in yesterday, looking for a new oil for my diffuser and a body wash that didn't smell like Axe. The exceptional staff member turned me onto their Tofino line of products and it's perfect. A little woodsy, a little earthy and very calming. Thank you so much; I'll be back!