Zafu Round Classic


A flat, circular meditation cushion that is covered in cotton fabric, gives extra height to support your sit bones and take the pressure off your hip joints. You can customize the comfort by moving the contents around, or taking some out. Meditate tall, with relaxed, happier hips and a long spine. Button-shaped and classic it looks great sitting in front of your fireplace too. 


  • 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter
  • Designed to give tight hip flexors some ease
  • Natural buckwheat hulls move to accommodate your body’s contours and offer support where you need it
  • Designed for firm and forgiving support for your sitting bones and thighs
  • Carry handle lets you easily move it if extra guests should need a comfortable floor cushion
  • Hidden zipper under the carry handle lets you remove buckwheat hulls, or empty the cover for laundering
  • Hand-crafted in Vancouver, Canada by Halfmoon
  • Remove hulls, handwash zafu case and hang to dry, refill using a funnel

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