Zafu Halfmoon Classic


This meditation cushion is crescent shape and covered in cotton fabric. It gives a gentle boost to your sit bones and lets you keep your ankles tucked close to your body. 

The buckwheat hull filling is always accommodating; move the contents around. Push the hulls towards the back to create a wedge-shaped profile and meditate with your hips higher than your knees, and your spine lifting yet relaxed. 

Rise up and take your sitting meditation, lotus, or spinal twist to a new level. 


  • 20 x 11 x 4 inches
  • Natural buckwheat hulls move to accommodate your body’s contours and offer support where you need it
  • Designed for firm and forgiving support for your sitting bones and thighs
  • Carry handle lets you easily move it if extra guests should need a comfortable floor cushion
  • Hidden zipper under the carry handle lets you remove buckwheat hulls, or empty the cover for laundering
  • Hand-crafted in Vancouver, Canada by Halfmoon
    • Remove hulls, handwash zafu case and hang to dry, re-fill using a funnel

NOTE: Please be aware that our in-store selection varies. Contact us for current product availability. 

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