Organic Wool Pillow


This fluffy and dense pillow is ideal for side sleepers and for those looking for a firmer pillow. Our exclusive wool “pearls” increase loft and springiness of the wool fibres.

This pillow can be easily re-shaped as needed!

Organic Wool Pearls: Wool is one of the most resilient natural fibers available so it only makes sense to use it in our pillows. Using our own machine, Sleeptek takes wool and converts it into small pearl sized balls to create a fluffy yet supportive pillow. The pearls are very easy to move around so you can create the ultimate comfort and support for your head and neck.


  • 100% Pure wool filling regulates temperature.
  • “Pearls” provide medium support and retains it’s loft
  • Covered with our classic damask organic cotton cover
  • Antibacterial, hypoallergenic and dust mite repellent

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