Hape Under the Sea Blocks


Forty-eight bright wooden blocks with an under-the-sea theme, give kids a chance to explore imagination freely.

Combine blocks to create a seahorse, squid, octopus, sea turtle, and whale.

Build deep sea towers and coral reefs, and then fill the crevasses with blocks featuring lobsters, crabs, coral fish, clams, sea shells, and more. Before long an underwater world is in view!

Dive into fun. There's no wrong way to play!

The deep ocean floor is waiting to be discovered with Under the Sea Blocks.

Under the Sea Blocks

  • 48 sea-life themed wooden blocks
  • Encourages fine motor skills, creativity
  • No wrong way to build, explore creativity freely
  • Vibrant blocks with darling graphics
  • Combine blocks to build a turtle, squid, octopus, seahorse, whale
  • Colorful blocks with seaweed, clams, coral fish, seashells, lobsters, crabs, starfish, coral reef, more
  • 48 blocks: 10 block cubes, 15 animal building blocks, 4 water blocks, 4 seaweed blocks, 15 pattern blocks
  • All blocks made entirely of wood
  • Strong and durable for endless play

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