Fundy 1.0 Organic Rubber Mattress


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A good night’s sleep can have a significant positive effect on your child’s development and ability to succeed in the classroom and beyond. That’s why Obasan designed their Fundy series using the same high-quality organic materials as their Acadia series.

The Fundy provides optimum support and comfort for toddlers and children up to the age of 15, or to a maximum weight of 150 lbs. Obasan kids’ mattresses use only breathable materials including moisture wicking wool for perfect temperature control. Children who sleep on an Obasan mattress will stay cozy and dry throughout the night.

The Fundy’s 6” medium firm organic rubber core is constructed of 2″ firm rubber and 4″ medium rubber. It is 2-sided. One side is made with our luxurious organic cotton velour for a softer feeling, and the other side is finished with our elastic cotton knit providing a firmer feel. The 2-sided mattress allows your child to start sleeping on the softer side, and when he or she becomes heavier, flip the mattress over.

The cover is quilted using 100% organic wool and is removable so it’s easy to air out or spot clean. We do not use harmful, fire retardant chemicals. Instead, we use organic wool that is quilted into the cover and which makes an all-natural fire barrier.

For younger children, we recommend our water-resistant Nahanni 4.0 wool mattress protector to keep your child’s mattress clean and dry.

Ideal For
  • All sleeping positions
  • Teenagers
  • Athletes
  • 1 sleeper
  • Kids
  • Those who weigh up to 150lbs
  • Dual sided, so the mattress can be flipped for different ages and preferences
  • 2" firm rubber + 4" medium rubber
  • 2" firm side finished with organic cotton velour
  • 4" medium side finished with organic cotton knit

Limited 10 year warranty.  Details can be found here. 

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