Ecologik x20 Laundry Liquid



SAVE UP TO $154.76 + 24 Bottles from the landfill/Year

All thriller, no filler. Our x20 laundry liquid is a seriously concentrated detergent. Stubborn stains including coffee, tea, chocolate and dirt can dissolve quickly in all water temperatures. Enjoy a sulfate-free wash for fresher clothes.

Available in Wild Grass and Ocean Breeze.
All scents in Ecologik products are from 100% natural and pure essential oils.


  1. Effective in all water temperatures
  2. Scented with plant-based essential oils
  3. Say goodbye to fillers, sulphates, phosphates, ammonia, bleach, EDTA and animal ingredients
  4. Canadian made
  5. Company transparency.  See the tech sheet here.


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