Earth Baby Outfitters Short Sleeve Romper With Sporty Pocket


Bamboo Short Sleeve Romper with Sporty Pocket and Applique

 EBO's short sleeve rompers are comfortable and stylish.  Made from USDA certified organically grown bamboo you can be assured that no harmful chemicals or pesticides were used when growing this eco-friendly sustainable plant. Available in 4 unique "Animal Party" designs.

 Why Choose Bamboo?

Comfortable! Silky touch! Bamboo fabric absorbs water 3-4 times better than cotton, wicking sweat away from baby's sensitive skin. It is also thermal regulating, which means your baby will feel cooler in warm weather, and warmer in cooler weather (+/- 1-2 degrees). Bamboo is anti-fungal, anti-static, odour free, and has natural UV protection. 

  • Bamboo is Natural and Chemical-Free , and it's grown without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
  • Size 0-6 months
  • Designed in Vancouver Canada

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