Crescent Moon Alpaca Duvet (Summer)


Alpaca wool duvets are the ultimate choice for healthy bedding. The Crescent Moon duvets are filled with their signature blend of 70% alpaca wool and 30% sheep's wool to create the most comfortable and allergy safe covers possible. The organic alpaca wool is naturally porous and will not harbor dust mites or mold. Lighter and softer than sheep's wool, alpaca wool will actually absorb up to 35% of its weight in moisture - keeping you dry and comfortable, yet incredibly warm. Never again wake up sweaty and stuffy underneath your comforter.

The Crescent Moon products are a great alternative for anyone who cannot tolerate down-filled bedding, but would like the warmth and feel of a down comforter. The combination of alpaca wool and 100% organic cotton ticking makes this a completely hypoallergenic duvet.  

These fantastic duvets are made with care in Cherryville BC. Alpaca Wool collected from right here on Vancouver Island is used to create these great comforters!

Allergy Issues:

  • Filled with organic alpaca wool (70%) and sheep's wool (30%) - no pesticides, bleaches or dyes used
  • No synthetic materials - no fumes emitted
  • Alpaca wool naturally fights dust mites and other allergens
  • A great alternative to those who cannot tolerate down

Other points of interest:

  • 100% certified organic cotton  
  • Organic cotton fabric is 260-thread count, 4.5 micron pore size
  • Alpaca wool is perfect for a variety of temperatures: light and moisture-wicking wool keeps you warm and dry without overheating
  • Duvets are quilted with "crescent moons" to prevent any shifting or bunching of the fill
  • 1 oz. per square foot of batting (all season weight)
  • Available in WHITE
  • To protect the duvet, it is recommended that you use a duvet cover as well
  • These duvets may be dry cleaned or hand-washed with a gentle detergent and air dried.
  • Comes in reusable organic cotton bag for storage
  • Limited 5-year warranty on workmanship

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