Compost Pail Replacement Filters


Ensure An Odor-Free Kitchen Environment

Dual charcoal filters fit neatly inside the lid and last from 4-6 months depending upon use. The snug fitting lid has a thick gasket to keep odors from escaping.

The 2 Replacement Filter Sets for the Counter Top Compost Pails are used the perfect solution for the efficient recycling of kitchen food scraps. The Replacement Filters are located in the vented lid of the Compost Pail to ensure an odor-free environment. The filters help contain the smell of several days worth of vegetable trimmings and food scraps. The set is easy to replace and includes one round filter that is placed in the upper section of the lid and one square filter that fits snuggly in the lower section of the lid.


  • Contains odors from vegetable and food scraps 
  • Lasts up to 6 months 
  • Easy to replace 
  • Two to a set

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