Credo Bags Organic Market String Bag


Credobags Classic String Market Shopper brings old world style back to shopping. To be used at the market and around town, this retro bag is making a comeback because of its practicality and smart design. This eco-friendly reusable bag is a great alternative to the plastic shopping bag. Lightweight, easy, and compact, it can slip easily into a purse or briefcase for the everyday shopper. 

  • Long handle to be worn comfortably on the shoulder
  • Small, but compact - can handle 20-25 lbs – 10-12 kilos of groceries
  • Can also be used for the beach or the gym
  • Available in 100% organic cotton
  • Made in Canada
  • 28 in./71 cm. total length, including shoulder strap 
  • Available in Natural 

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