BT Basket Round


This product is only available in-store. Please contact us for more information.

These are great baskets! They were hand-woven with great care and skill by a weaver of the Fra Fra tribe of northern Ghana, West Africa. The Baba Tree Basket Co. is a Canadian company, whose owner Gregory lives and trades in Bolgatanga. He hand picks the best quality baskets, and pays the highest prices for them. This puts more money directly in the hands of the weavers. It also reduces the need for plastic shopping bags and other unnecessary packaging. It changes the world one basket at a time. We sincerely hope that you will treasure one of these hand woven works of art for years to come. When it eventually wears out, throw it in the compost to enrich the earth from which it came!

Each basket is a unique piece of artistry! Colours will vary. Call for current choices.  Baskets ship "crunched" and will require some re-shaping with water for best appearance and functionality.  

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