Acadia 4.0 – 12” Customizable Rubber Mattress


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There are a lot of reasons the Acadia mattresses will give you the best sleep of your life. Not only are they handcrafted using the finest organic materials from around the world, they’re also fully customizable head to toe. This means they suit the body types and predominant sleeping positions of one or two simultaneous sleepers. It also means that you get a better sleep every single night.

The Acadia 4.0 provides unmatched comfort and is made from the highest quality organic materials. It has an extra soft-top layer providing the most pressure relief of all models. It also includes multi-zoned comfort layers and the choice of a firm or medium base. Simply put, there’s no other mattress on the market that matches the Acadia 4.0.


  • 4” organic rubber soft top (reduces surface pressure points)
  • 4” organic rubber core divided in three customizable zones on each partner’s side
  • 4” firm or medium organic rubber base layer, divided for each partner’s customization


Middle layer divided into 3 sections on each partner’s side (shoulders, hips and knees)


Adults of various builds and sleeping positions


Don’t worry if you don’t choose the right comfort level. All Acadia mattresses come with a 90-day comfort guarantee.

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