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Starlite has resumed their soap-making (beginner's, goat milk, scenic, shampoo, beer,) candle, lotion and bath bomb workshops on a regular schedule. Go to Starlite Soap Studio's website today for more details or to purchase a DIY kit!

Created by Good Planet’s founders, Starlite Soap Studio is a creative company that offers soap making and other DIY body care workshops. Utilizing the dedicated workshop and studio space within Good Planet, the selection of workshops and supplies continues to expand. 

Over the past ten years, thousands of people have had a ton of fun learning how to make all kinds of great products in these fun, interactive and informative workshops.  You get to learn a new skill, take home some great product, and we do all the cleanup!  This is a great opportunity to get your friends, family or work colleagues together and make a fun night of it! 

Covid-Safe workshops now have a maximum of 4 participants (instead of 8-10) to ensure that everyone is able to get the full attention of the instructor. You choose your own additives - colour, scent, and other optional ingredients - to create your very own, personalized products. Best of all, you walk away with the knowledge of how to do it all again in the convenience of your own kitchen!  

During the COVID-19 crisis, Starlite Soap Studio has also updated their supply of MAKE-AT-HOME SOAPMAKING KITS!  You can choose from "cold-process" kits (the way soap is made in Starlite workshops, with our great oil blend and sodium hydroxide) as well as family-friendly "melt and pour" kits for all ages.