Let's Talk Meditation

Having a selection of beautiful zafus and zabutons in stock has led to some interesting conversations with our customers about meditation, the benefits are staggering and the anecdotes we hear are so compelling. So we thought we'd compile a little list of the benefits of meditation.


A 2014 study showed that a mindful meditation practice alleviates psychological stress (even brief practices for as little as three consecutive days displayed stress alleviation.


Neuroscientists found that meditation practitioners had structural changes in the part of the brain involved in monitoring focus and self control after just 11 combined hours of meditation.


Research shows that meditation promotes divergent thinking, a style of thought that brings diverse elements together to generate new ideas.


Meditation is associated with greater relationship satisfaction and better communication during a conflict.

Mindfulness also helps you feel more comfortable with yourself and boosts your compassion towards others, making it easier for you to accept people as they are and, potentially, for them to get along with you too.

(information in this post is from a favourite meditation app: Headspace)