Introducing.. Whistler!

Introducing.. Whistler!

For years, customers have known us for our signature essential oil blends that we have called the Destination Blends.  Created by the co-founders of our store, these staple scents were inspired by their globetrotting adventures. Brighton, Byron Bay, Capri, Provence, San Fran, and Tofino mark their treks, but we would like to take an opportunity to introduce you to Whistler; our newest destination!

Nestled north of Vancouver on Canada's beautiful west coast, Whistler is often thought of as the ideal winter destination.  They have beautiful mountains, tons of snow during the winter, and some of the best skiing one could ask for.  There is more to this beautiful town, though - it is also surrounded by forests, pristine glacial lakes, forests, and wildlife. It is marvellous to explore during the summer too!

Whistler is a woodsy blend, designed to transport you to the crisp, cool mountain air.  Spruce, fir, and pine playfully intermingle to give you a tantalizing recall back into nature.

Currently available in our new palm-free bar soap, roll on, and essential oil blend for diffusing and baths.


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