Green is #1!

Green is #1!

The Vancouver Island Green Business Collective (VIGBC), is a  business community that cares deeply about making a positive impact in our everyday decisions. Their goal is to encourage the reduction of single use plastics, water consumption, energy use, and waste/carbon emissions while also having a positive impact on local communities.

Run by the BC non-profit Synergy Sustainability Institute, VIGBC’s  regional certification program recognizes the efforts of local businesses that are reducing their environmental impact. The VIGBC has a checklist for each sector full of actions we can take to make a difference. Each business is certified to levels Silver, Gold or Green based on the number of actions they have implemented (with Green being top marks, of course!).

As a member, we are proud to announce that we have achieved
Green status again and have topped the list with a whopping 37 points!  This is 3 more than we had last year (still green!) and puts us tied for the top retail spot in Victoria.  We are also thrilled to share that we have been Surfrider approved for the third consecutive year.



Since its inception, Good Planet’s commitment to the environment has never wavered. While environmentalism is a foundation in our business, it is always nice to be recognized for one’s efforts.  Thank you, VIGBC!

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